Mission Statement + Goals

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to serve the community of Powell River by providing competitive development opportunities in the sport of swimming in a safe and positive environment.

Vision for the club: 

Our vision is to foster social responsibility and self-awareness in swimmers in conjunction with fine-tuned skill development. We intend to do this all while providing a respectful and affirming environment that supports swimmers at every level of their individual progress in the sport of swimming.

Club Values

 Accountability: Taking responsibility for one's action or inaction.

Openness: Ability to communicate and receive new information freely.

Respect: Having intentional and empathetic interaction with self and others as well as abiding by agreed-upon rules.

Awareness: Being socially and self-aware of the community and how one's actions/inaction effect others.

Club Goals

 The goals of the West Coast Winter Club are to create and implement a development plan that follows Swimming Canada's long-term athlete development model as well as the rules and regulations set forth by SwimBC.

Please visit the following link for more information:  Swimming Canada LTAD