AGM- Minutes 2021/2022 Season

West Coast Wind/ Winter Club - Agenda Minutes:

-Review of today’s date- Tuesday, August 30th 2022-

-Review of present members at the meeting : Angela Bailey, Marissa Schweitzer, Anette Mulder,

Chris/Leta Morwood, Christal Hueston, Lisa Giesbrecht, Phil/Carey Gunther.

-Note: All Executive Directors are present, and most of the Operational Committee are present (aside from Frances Schweitzer).

-Marissa Schweitzer (Registrar and Head coach, as well as Society Director) called the meeting to order and ran the meeting throughout.

-In referring to the very detailed Agenda sent prior to the meeting, Marissa ran through first, the recap of the previous season - our first year

-Reviewed that for our first season we had to stop our season early (end of April) and that next season we

may continue running through June.

-Question re: will May and June pool times be dropped/changed due to the overlap with the summer club in May and June of 2023.

-Run through/breakdown of costs (where money went, how much things costs).

-Question re: will we be getting continual money from our sponsors (460 Realty) on a seasonal basis?

-Question: will we apply for grants come January?

-Note: pool costs have gone up.

-Sponsorship review of how money was spent and where the remaining money will go (on the banner for the pool).

-Noting that we won’t be putting “Powell River” on the banner due to the incoming name change of the local region in regards to Reconciliation.

- Reviewing last year’s fees/payments and how these changed once we became affiliated with Swim BC.

- Review how our fees/payments will be different this year due to ongoing affiliation.

- Review of bylaws and constitution, what type of governance structure we have/ will maintain.

-Discussion of more help needed on the board -specifically the need of a new treasurer.

-Decided that the board can be shifted once our new registrants come into the fold.

- Reminder of the board member’s is specific positions and then the operational committee(one member of each family)

-Review last year’s schedule and how this will shift this year (Schedule is Mon, Tues, Thursday and Friday, 2 groups)

-Review of the new group types (Older group 14-21, Younger 11-14)

-Commitment has been laid out - swimmers need to be able to attend most practices and cannot miss more than 8 practices in a month.

-Hope to have 16-18 spots for growth. Over 18 interested athletes would lead to a swimmer selection process.

- Review the timeline for registration and deployment of information this year.

- Coaches employment- the head coach will remain the same but we will need to hire a secondary coach

to fill in when Marissa is unable to coach. The goal is to hire from within the club. The necessary qualities were outlined in the agenda.

- In closing, review the need for new board members and that we need to know by this coming Friday

(Sept 2) if the original 8 swimmers of the team intend to return for this season.